Henry lever action 22lr brand new in box unfired. 300 or trade. Call or text 419 773 zero four four one
4" stainless ruger gp100 357 mag double action only
6" Rossi 972 stainless steel 357 magnum
G21 short frame 3rd gen..mint shape no wear..all laws apply....prefer ccw... Ohio id required.tex or email 937 622 8267
SRS A1 22 barrel Left Hand 308 less than 200 rounds through it. One hole shooter at 100 yards. Rifle is decked out. I m original owner. Comes with high end Vortex scope, LaRue mounts, Harris Bipod, Has built in mono pod version from factory, Delta Elite thread adapter, $300 hard case, and take down torch tool. Have around 8k invested without the suppressor. This is multi-cal sniper system. The ...
Cz75 compact like new..fired 200 rounds..has 2 mags case papers..must be ohio resident 21 legal to own guns...ccw or ohio id!!...email..or tex 9376228267
I have a set of 284 Winchester dies that are in new condition that I'd like to trade straight up for 45acp or 30-30win dies.
Cz75 compact..2 mags..papers case.less than 200 rounds shot....must be 21 legal to own guns..ohio resident..
Cz75 compact like new..abot 200 rounds shot..2 mags case papers brushes.must be 21 ohio resident legal to own guns.
I have a Lyman 3 die set in 10mm/40s&w that I don't need anymore. I do need a set of 45acp dies. I also have 100 rds of 10mm brass. I would like to trade dies for dies.
Glock 29 10mm with holster, 2 mags, lone wolf barrels in 40cal and 9x25dillon, 64 rounds of 9x25 dillon, and everything it came with from the factory. $600. Ohio residents only and must be legally allowed to own firearms.
Hi up for sale/trade is a Yugo SKS all original no modifications with 20 stripper clips and several accessories including a original numbers matching log book.
All brass ammo...mostly american eagle...federal..and sone others.
Bushmaster like new..bot last month..5 mags..800 rounds of ammo for rite trade..all laws apply..21 ohio resident..legal to own guns..box papers...extra stock pistol grip..sign bill of trade
Like new bushmaster at15..5 mags 800 rounds of ammo.only shot 100 rounds thru..has original box papers ..all laws apply..21 ohio resident legal to own guns...must sign bill of trade.
Mint shape ...5 mags 800 rounds of ammo..box papers...all laws apply..21 ohio resident legal to own guns...less than 100 rounds fired.
Bushmaster box papers 5 mag...800 rounds of ammo for legion..if u have m11a1.or 229 ill throw in 400 rounds..all laws apply...ohio resident..must be 21...sign bill of trade
Great bolt action plinker fun and cheap to shoot limited editon stock less than 100 rounds put through it open to amy offera NO JUNK email me
Beretta PX4 Storm Compact it's an awesome little gun great for conceal I'm just not much on 40 cal. Only shot maybe 100 times always cleaned and cared for will entertain any offer just not junk EMAIL ME OFFERS
Great tatical AK alot of fun to shoot had less than 100 rounds through it open to any offers NO JUNK email me
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